Build your business for the life you want to live.


It’s time to stop.

Stop scrambling to find your next client.

Stop feeling rushed and frantic.

Stop trying to be everything for everyone.

Stop worrying that you’re forgetting something.

Yes.  It’s time to stop. And here’s where to start.

You want to have it all. But you don’t feel like you have it all together. That’s okay. Because that’s where I come in. I provide an outside perspective that helps you see your fullest potential and the opportunities in front of you.

So you can live the life you want—with your family.  Your friends.  Your career.  And more hours in your day.

What is it like to work with me?

I am often asked and I think my clients say it best…
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Working with Deb was the best decision.  I used to overthink sending a simple email or finding a way to engage in client conversations. After working with Deb, I jump right into conversations, validating ideas through her simple strategy approach, and it works brilliantly to build rapport and trust with clients. I am fearless now. Deb, you put my career on a different trajectory.

Jenny Austin, Partner

“I’m one of the lucky ones to get to talk to Deb Feder on a weekly basis. After each call, I’m extremely motivated. Not only do I leave with a bunch of new knowledge and a concrete action plan, but I’m also straight out pumped. Can’t want to kick some serious goals! Thanks Deb! You are pure gold!”

Philipp Thurner, CEO & Founder - NEXL

“Through working with Deb I am better able to evaluate where I am in my career, how it fits into my life, and more importantly, where I want to be. Perhaps the most persuasive thing I can say about working with Deb is that I continue to practice what she taught and it is her voice that I hear when I tell myself “don’t just make a plan to make a plan, follow through.”

Jarrod Pearson, Attorney
“Working with Deb helped me gain the confidence to build my own career around the lifestyle I want and to innovate. Getting the work done has always been my problem, and she helped me to implement systems to outsource work, figure out what I want to self-perform and collaborate with other firms. She also simplified my administrative processes so I can spend my free time doing what I want instead of managing my business.”
Jackie Maloney, Founder & CEO - REAL, Law, LLC
“Deb is excellent at meeting people where they are in their career/business and at the same time pushing them past their self-imposed boundaries. In the year that I have worked with Deb my practice has grown bigger and more resilient and developed a consistency that allows me to feel confident moving into the future, even during these unusual times.”
Kirsten Schroeder Larsen, President and Life & Estate Planning Attorney Schroeder Larsen Law, P.A.
“I want to thank you for your work and guidance in the class I recently finished. I was nervous about signing up for a group career-building class, but I do not regret a minute of time I spent. I especially appreciate how our work in the class focused my career goals and allowed me the opportunity to develop language to proactively express my strengths and priorities. The session on business development and working through my “elevator speech” was invaluable. I highly recommend Deb’s program.”
Anne, Attorney