90 Day Plan in 60 Minutes
We are going to set your 90 Day Plan.
In 60 Minutes.
90 in 60.
When we crunch the time we have to achieve goals...we are far more likely to conquer them. When we give ourselves a whole year...we wait until the very end to start making it happen.

This final 90 in 60 for 2021 is super special. We take care of the planning. You just need to show up and bring your energy and ideas.

We will break them down.
Put them into bite-size pieces.
Have a community cheering you on.

Let's move into the next 90 days with intention (rather than that old tired strategy of hope, pitch, pray).

90 and 60 starts promptly at 9:30 a.m. (central) on December 21. 
Doing Good for the World!

When you join...we donate. 

 When we gather and plan...Deb donates for every person who joins in the planning. The more that participate...the bigger the donation! 
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Get Ready To Plan!
Don’t just take it from me..
I’m one of the lucky ones to get to talk to Deb Feder on a weekly basis. After each call, I’m extremely motivated. Not only do I leave with a bunch of new knowledge and a concrete action plan, but I’m also straight out pumped. Can’t want to kick some serious goals! Thanks Deb! You are pure gold!

– Philipp Thurner, Founder & CEO, NEXL
Joining the program is all about building momentum. Each step capitalizes on the next. Perfect is the enemy of progress. Deb broke me out of the ruts that were holding me back and I know that this time next year, the practice will be almost unrecognizable from where it was when I started.

– Kirsten Schroeder Larsen, Attorney