90 Day Plan in 60 Minutes
We are going to set your 90 Day Plan.
In 60 Minutes.
90 in 60.
When we crunch the time we have to achieve goals...we are far more likely to conquer them. When we give ourselves a whole year...we wait until the very end to start making it happen.

90 in 60 is one of the very best things we can do together as a community. We take care of the planning. You just need to show up and bring your energy and ideas.

We will break them down.
Put them into bite-size pieces.
Have a community cheering you on.

Let's move into the next 90 days with intention (rather than that old strategy of pitch, wait, pray...and hope the results work out at the end of the year).

There are two options to join in planning:

9 a.m. (central) on June 27th.
noon (central) on June 29th.  
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Get Ready To Plan!