Build Your Book Without the Scramble
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Build Your Book Without The Scramble 
Thank you for registering for
Build Your Book Without The Scramble 
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2. Check your email. If it landed in another spot other than your inbox,  please make sure you move it over so you get the Zoom registration link and all the materials you will need to make the most of this workshop. You. Do. Not. Want. To. Miss. This.

3. Do you have colleagues that need to be in on this with you? Grab them and bring them along so they can also optimize their days, and build a practice at the pace and space that works for them (plus it is a whole lot more fun going through this with a friend and then find time to grab lunch with them once we put this into practice). 

Plan to show up LIVE.
Plan to stay until the END. Here’s Why:

I’m legitimately not sure yet whether I’m even going to offer a replay for this workshop as it is SUCH an interactive process. the very end, I am giving away my exclusive tool that lets us know exactly where to start to make the biggest impact in your days, clients, and career. It's my Client Development Scorecard. Consider it the magic wand to figure out exactly what you need to do next to bring in ideal clients and optimize your days.