Stop Scrambling. Stay Focused.
Managing your days and clients with more than a guessing game. 

The ultimate live productivity workshops that put you in control of your days and career.
It’s reality check time. Does any of this sound like you?
You’re frantically scrambling between meetings, calls, emails, wondering how you could possibly make it another day stuck in triage mode.
You often find yourself sitting at your desk trying to figure out how the day slipped away without you actually getting that one thing done. 
You lay awake at night, staring at the ceiling, wondering what all those years of studying were really for when you can’t get any traction bringing in the clients and projects that you actually love.
You’re hungry to actually have that career you dreamed up but you’re drowning in the chaos of daily life that you have no time to plan or try anything new. 

If any of those are true, I'd be willing to bet this is also true:
You would love to find a way to get your client development tasks done without spinning your wheels or wondering if what you are doing is actually working. 

Here’s a hint:
Simply continuing to do what you’ve always done will not give you different results.


You need a solution that comes with the right tools and strategies you need.

Welcome to Focus30.
The only made-for-professionals, real time, client management program that cuts through the fluff and gets your business development stuff done...with you.
“I’m one of the lucky ones to get to talk to Deb Feder on a weekly basis. After each call, I’m extremely motivated. Not only do I leave with a bunch of new knowledge and a concrete action plan, but I’m also straight out pumped. Can’t want to kick some serious goals! Thanks Deb! You are pure gold!”

- Philipp Thurner, Founder & CEO, NEXL
Imagine what your life would be like...
  … If on Mondays you jump start your week with momentum. Knowing what needs to happen. And getting it done.

  … If you ditched the daily overwhelm for a strategic system to conquer your days, getting your big priorities done the right way. 

  … If you knew you had open support each week surrounded by and working with an incredible community of smart, motivated professionals

  … If you could actually build client and business development conversations into your week, without wondering if you will ever find time to send that note.

Focus30 gives you the accountability you need to climb out of the daily chaos and start controlling your growing career.

Hi I'm Deb,

After practicing law for 15 years I learned one thing. We were filling our days and trying to manage our priorities the hard way. Constantly scrambling. Never getting the traction we want. What we know works is to hit the reset button and build up your career in a way that works for you.

Through all those years of practicing, and over a decade of focusing on business development strategy, I’ve learned a thing or two. But the most invaluable lesson of all is that the key to really having the career of our dreams means building it up, not trying to shrink and squeeze it all in. When you finally decide that you want to change the way you manage your days and productivity can finally have the career you want for the life you want to live. 

That’s why I created Focus30.

I believe in simple solutions.
Real community and collaboration.
And results.
Without anything standing in our way.

Not one more lecture or idea waiting for you to implement it in the free time you don't have.

I’m not here to sell you abstract, mindset shift jargon. Or one more mastermind filled with big ideas that don't actually work for you. 

 I realized early on that the best results happen when you surround yourself with an outstanding professional community. You want to surround yourself with professionals that:

  • Know that this isn’t a walk in the park, but the hard work is worth it.
  • Are ready for real results now, rather than playing the long game with no way of knowing if the big ideas might just work.
  • Are focused on building great relationships with awesome clients, and of course, collaborating over coffee.
Here are my questions to you:
  • Is your task list filled with "somedays" and "it would be nice" career strategy ideas? 
  • Do you spend hours staring at the screen wondering if your content will impress the clients you want to pick up the phone and call you? 
  • Have you found your people? The ones that motivate, inspire, and support you?
  • Do you have a systematic way of nurturing clients to make sure you stay connected and collaborative with those that consistently bring you the great projects? 
  • Do you know the exact systems and tools to get yourself organized, communicate your great ideas, and maintain your success mindset all while attracting your ideal clients?

If not, then you’re leaving opportunities on the table. You can’t just wait for that perfect moment. The perfect moment is NOW.
What’s Included in Focus30?

The Workouts: This is where we get it all done. In 30 minute bursts, we handle your client development strategy, organizing your days, LinkedIn content, and nurturing your connections. The best part is that you won’t have to search everywhere and compare all the choices.
Accountability: You’ll have an amazing community of people holding you accountable to reaching your goals. Research shows that being accountable to someone who you check in with regularly increases your chance of hitting your goals to 95%. Seriously. Not joking.
Success Mindset: Our #1 priority is making sure you are focused on success. We hit the reset on your mindset to remain calm, focused, and achieve your big goals. Rather than just focusing on mindset, we implement into all we do. Knowing how to use these simple strategies every day makes all the difference. 
Community and support: Live productivity workouts multiple times each week filled with a supportive community cheering you on, introducing you to connections, and challenging you to tackle the tasks that never seem to get done. Just consider us the best business team you have ever had the chance to work with.
Focus30 gives you straightforward career-building strategies that help you stop the excuses and start getting the right things done, with the community you need to make it happen.
Stop Waiting.
Get Started Today!

On the Fence? Take it from them:
"Yes! I just joined and yesterday was my first sessions – it was GREAT! I spend my days making decisions for other people, or helping others make their own educated decisions, and it was nice to have someone else tell me what to do for a change and to quickly take action. It also set the tone for the rest of my day and got my creative juices flowing! Thanks, Deb! Excited to see what the next year will bring with this group!"
Kristin Brandli Printon, Senior Partner & Wealth Advisor

"You only need to commit to 1 time a week if you join the Focus30 tribe! I look forward to it each week as I not only get stuff done but I learn a tidbit of wisdom from Deb."
Lisa Niser, Founder of Taking on Taxes

"It’s the business development basic training that law firms do not offer."
Jamie Szal, Attorney
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This isn’t just another coaching program that tells you to simply change your mindset and everything will fall into place.
Focus30 is the only program that gives you concrete strategies, actionable steps, and real time guidance about exactly what you need to do next.
Are you ready to build a career that works for you? With Focus30 you’ll:
1. Tackle your business development goals with intention and focus
2. Finally get to those goals without adding more to your already full  to-do list
3. Get accountability at the level you need to keep moving
4. Conquer your LinkedIn content strategy with real time support for you each week
You have two options:
Option 1:
You can stay stuck, stay complaining, and stay hoping that it will all magically change one day
Option 2:
You can join Focus30 and change the way you manage your days and career

Stop Waiting. Get Started.

Who is Focus30 for?
Focus30 is the premier program for lawyers/professionals/small business owners who are hungry for growth but struggling to get out the daily chaos to even find time to plan.

This program is for the individual who believes  in providing outstanding client service and outstanding value, and wants to take the guessing game out of what to do next.

And even though my clients come from different careers and business backgrounds, I find they have a few things in common: they are resourceful, curious, and take responsibility for their success and decisions—and they refuse to accept failure as an option.