The Client Conversation Lab
Conversations That Bring in Clients
Have you noticed that often the hardest part of building a client relationship is knowing what to say at each stage of the game?
The introduction.
When you want to sound interesting.
How to keep in touch.
Asking to be considered for a project.
Reconnecting with lost connections that we need to nurture.
Or even when someone is upset…and we need to save the day!
Each conversation is a little different.
And requires a whole lot more than just sounding smart.
We need to read the room, and have the strategy in place.
It also matters whether you are on the phone, video, in person, and even on LinkedIn.
Knowing how to engage in conversations to build great relationships matters.
And we are tackling all of this in The Client Conversation Lab.
We are putting these pieces together in a way where we don’t just talk about big ideas, but practice them. We are also testing them to make sure they work for you.

Please consider this your invitation to join us.

Only one thing…If you want IN, you must hit the link below and let me know you want to talk.

Consider this the first challenge task of the Lab!

Chat soon!

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"Working with Deb  was the best decision.  I used to overthink sending a simple email or finding a way to engage in client conversations. After working with Deb, I jump right into conversations, validating ideas through her simple strategy approach, and it works brilliantly to build rapport and trust with clients. I am fearless now. Deb, you put my career on a different trajectory."

– Jenny Austin, Partner

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Hi I'm Deb,

I practiced law for 15 years. Believe me, I know the drama that comes along with everyone trying to grab the next client. I saw so many colleagues exhausted, scrambling, overworked, and still not knowing where--or how--to find clients.

And what is worse. Is all the time and energy trying to get into the conversations with your clients and referral partners. Not knowing what to say. Spending hours staring at a screen. Putting it off because it is just too hard.

I never got into this game. Because I knew something all along that a lot of people didn’t: That our stories matter. My mother taught me to create a space to hear people tell their stories so we know what they really want, and my history degree from the University of Michigan showed me how to use this to frame ideas.

Turns out that Curious Conversations are the game changer.

Through all my years of practicing, and over a decade coaching and consulting for lawyers, small business owners, professional service providers, I’ve learned a few things. But one thing I’ve seen time and time again is that people often fail because they don’t know how to have engaged, meaningful conversations with the right people.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

That’s why I created The Client Conversation Lab. To teach you the strategies and skills to get you into the right conversations and make sure you know exactly what to say. Every time.

The truth is that people want to work with real people, even for the complicated stuff. People don’t want to work with a robot. They don’t want to hear your boring, memorized sales pitch. They want to know you. But more importantly, they want to be seen, heard, and known themselves.

Waiting for the right client conversations to come to you is not a sustainable business development strategy. The Lab will show you exactly how to take control of your client strategy and start seeing real results.

Don’t just take it from me..
“I’m one of the lucky ones to get to talk to Deb Feder on a weekly basis. After each call, I’m extremely motivated. Not only do I leave with a bunch of new knowledge and a concrete action plan, but I’m also straight out pumped. Can’t want to kick some serious goals! Thanks Deb! You are pure gold!”
– Philipp Thurner, Founder & CEO, NEXL

“Joining the program is all about building momentum. Each step capitalizes on the next. Perfect is the enemy of progress. Deb broke me out of the ruts that were holding me back and I know that this time next year, the practice will be almost unrecognizable from where it was when I started.”
– Kirsten Schroeder Larsen, Attorney

"This program will teach you the skills you need to use conversations to get clients. And the practice it takes to master them."