#BizDeb Retreat
Are you ready to focus on you?  
Are you ready to focus on you?
Announcing the

#BizDeb Retreat Experience

July 18, 2024
Your Invitation:

Come work with Deb for the day in Chicago. The #BizDeb Retreat experience is all about bringing smart, motivated lawyers and client service professionals together who are all ready to claim the careers you have always wanted…working with clients you love and surrounding yourself with interesting work and ideas. Getting to have the career you want and the life you want to live.

We will focus on telling your story...refining how you share your practice, through powerful introductions and incredible conversations. We will dial-in your networking strategy, for your goals and the approach that best works for you...whether it's expanding your book, gaining authority, or getting picked for the next big project.

Most of all...we will make sure you are still in the equation, as we focus on balancing your big priorities with self-care as your practice grows.

Have questions or need a more detailed schedule? Reach out! (hello@debfeder.com)

The Details...

Location: Chicago (specific location and logistics will be shared with registrants)

Attendees: This retreat day is intended for attorneys and professionals who are ready to focus on taking your practice to the next level. The focus will be on business development, practice management, and sharing your expertise to attract great clients. Registration is subject to review and approval by the Feder Development team. 

Dates: July 18. We will begin promptly at 9 a.m. and at the conclusion of our workshop time, we will move into an evening of networking.

Investment: $2000

More information:

  • Meals and snacks (including the evening networking plan) 
  • Unfortunately, we cannot refund or transfer your registration
  • This retreat is meant for those that are ready to show up ready to be positive about the plans with a willingness to participate.  Please plan accordingly.
  • Space is extremely limited to create the ability to connect and collaborate with program participants and facilitators.